The Many Faces of a Community Manager

Remember when Heath Ledger had to sit in a room for months to assume the role of The Joker for ‘The Dark Knight’? Of course you do. Well, being a community manager in the social sphere is somewhat like that.

How, you ask? Well, being a community manager means you handle various clients from various industries, from automotive to fashion, FMCG, F&B, government and more. As human beings, we’re born with an innate sense of curiosity, but as we evolved from the Stone Age to the Age of Information, and now the Age of Big Data, the free access to information makes it simply impossible to be a ‘Jack of all trades’, or so we think.

Getting to the point, let’s say you’re a community manager who’s forte is F&B because you’re a total foodie. You’re inclined to know everything there is to know about food from the couture designer restaurants to a good ol’ greasy burger. You’d know where to get the best of both worlds and you’re happily sourcing content for your channels.

Before you know it, you’re handling a fashion client. Next comes automotive, then retail. And suddenly, you’re a ‘Jack of all trades’.

You’re keeping up with the latest fashion trends from “The hottest SS15 look” to the all new super car that James Bond is driving. You spend hours on cyberspace learning about the hottest new restaurants in town and what they’re talking about. Before you know it, you’re juggling personalities of a foodie who enjoys refined oysters and cheese platters, a car enthusiast who discusses ‘Top Gear’ casually and a fashionista with perfectly manicured hands and studded heels.

We’re in an era of adaptation. To survive, we must adapt. As social media ninjas, we not only have to keep up and adapt to the latest trends in multiple industries, but we also have to follow the new social networks on the block and every update on the existing ones.

Community Managers, try your hand at acting as a hobby. I guarantee that you’ll flourish!

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